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Sales Agent Partners

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Dyesol works with a network of international sales agents for the sale and promotion of our Dye Sensitised Solar Cell (DSC) materials, conductive and pre-cut substrates, and specialist DSC equipment packages.

dyesol dsc equipmentPartner with us, and partner with the leader in the field of Dye Sensitized Solar Cells.  No matter where you are located, Dyesol has specialist DSC products and solutions that can increase your revenue and satisfy your customers.

When you sell Dyesol materials and equipment packages you can be confident you are providing the highest quality products on the market and some of the only specialist DSC equipment available.  Dyesol offers a range of equipment solutions packages to meet the needs of a range of customers from smaller scale laboratory researchers, to those seeking mid-to-larger scale prototype DSC manufacturing capability.

We provide our sales agents with training, information and skill development workshops, attractive commission structure, and head office technical support for all higher level technical questions.

dsc materialsWhat do we look for with our sales agents?  Dyesol looks for a technical education, background and sales experience, experience with excellent customer service and customer relationship management, enthusiasm and a strong work ethic.

To learn more about partnering with Dyesol and joining our team of international sales agents, contact us today - we will be in touch to discuss the opportunity with you.

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