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manufacturing partners

Green Value-Add DSC to Your Products

house of the futureAs the world shrinks and competition increases, more and more manufacturers are looking for a way to value-add, to innovate and to improve their products’ value proposition in order to compete successfully in the global economy and remain or become leaders in their field.

Global rises in electricity prices coupled with consumer demand for green products with a  sustainable edge has created an opening in the market for new, innovative, value-add technologies such as Dye Solar Cell (DSC) technology.

By green value-adding DSC technology onto or into your product – during manufacture – you are differentiating your product, adding clean energy generating photovoltaic technology, and demonstrating to your customers and other stakeholders your commitment to environmental sustainability.

Manufacturing your products to be more environmentally friendly and more sustainable for end-users over the product lifetime is a green value-add with real economic benefits.


Technology Snapshot

transparent dsc over faceDye Solar Cell technology is a third generation photovoltaic technology applied as a series of very thin layers to a glass, metal, or plastic substrate. 

DSC works well across the range of light conditions experienced in the real world and generates stable electricity from sunny days to shady, dappled light environments to the low light conditions of early morning and late afternoon. You can even generate power from DSC technology with indoor artificial lighting.

Dye Solar Cell (DSC) technology has widely been recognised as a photovoltaic technology of the future because DSC has a number of outstanding characteristics and benefits, which include:

  1. Performs well in real-world solar conditions: low light, shade, cloud, haze/pollution, dappled light, dawn/dusk
  2. Small layers of product save resources:
    The sensitiser layers on any DSC panel amount to a thickness around 50-100 times thinner than a human hair.
  3. Aesthetically appealing product integration options, transparency, opacity, artistic designs, colour variation
  4. Widely available raw materials
  5. Non-toxic, environmentally friendly materials
  6. Low energy, low cost manufacturing processes do not require high skilled labour


Key Markets & Applications

Key market applications for value-adding DSC power generating capability include:

  1. Building Integrated Photovoltaics (BIPV) products
  2. Glass Building Façade, Atriums, Decorative Exterior and Interior Glass
  3. Steel Roofing
  4. Portable Chargers
  5. Consumer Electronics
  6. Automotive Glass
  7. Wireless Sensor Networks

Dyesol Company Overview


  1. Materials Supplier – not end product manufacturer  
  2. Blocking IP Portfolio & Patent Suite
  3. Work in Partnerships = Capital Light Business Model
  4. Lead in research and development

Dyesol is an innovative, clean energy technology company with a strong R&D focus, impressive and blocking patent suite and major industrial partnerships.

In the value chain, Dyesol is a Dye Solar Cell (DSC) materials, technology, and know-how supplier – not an end manufacturer.

Dyesol partners with leading multinationals who possess strong brand recognition and established routes to market, who seek to embed DSC photovoltaic functionality into their products.  This means Dyesol operates a “Capital Light” business model and avoids the costs and risks of investment in end-product manufacturing facilities.

Dyesol is a DSC industry leader because of our strong intellectual property (IP) portfolio, comprised of core license, patents and know-how in all aspects of DSC technology.

Dyesol is an Australian company with key international operations in the UK, USA, Italy, Japan, and South Korea.

Dyesol operates a focused R&D program to improve efficiency, production processes, performance and stability.

Dyesol undertakes DSC materials research, scale-up, and process development, then engages with multinationals, such as Merck, for bulk / mass material (chemical) manufacture.


Manufacturers:  Value-add DSC onto your products!

We welcome your inquiry for an initial discussion on partnering together to value-add Dye Solar Cell technology onto your products.  Contact Dyesol today!


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