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Laboratory Solution Packages

Laboratory Solutions

As an industry leader and pioneer in Dye Solar Cell (DSC) technology, Dyesol is one of the only companies in the world with the specialist capability to provide DSC researchers and large DSC-enabled product mass manufacturers with the integrated equipment, materials, expertise and capability training solutions necessary to advance Dye Solar Cell activity to the next level.

We offer:

  • Laboratory Solution Package (DSC equipment set, DSC materials starter-set, DSC capability training program)
  • Capability Training
  • Contract Research Services

Laboratory Solution Package

Capability Outcome:  Dyesol’s Laboratory Solution Package enables you to develop research capability and master the fundamental processes involved with DSC construction.  With the Laboratory Solution Package you are working with small scale glass Dye Solar Cells approximately 1cm2 in size.  This solution allows you to quickly produce high quality and consistent test cells so that you can focus on researching optimum DSC materials and processes.

Dyesol’s Laboratory Solution provides a full DSC test cell R&D assembly capability with a base level of testing equipment enabling current and voltage test comparisons.  It provides complete introductory DSC training, process training and training on all included equipment.  The glass preparation capability enables you to modify glass parameters for various activities.  DSC research at the test cell level can generally be undertaken in a modified lab environment with considerations for identifying your key requirements. 

Laboratory Solution Package Inclusions Overview:

  • Project Planning
  • Equipment Commissioning
  • Equipment Set Delivery & Installation
  • Starter DSC Materials Set
  • Facility requirements identified
  • Technical Training on Equipment
  • Ongoing Technical Assistance Allowance
  • Package tailored to your individual needs & project goals

Discuss Your Goals

Would you like further information about Dyesol’s Laboratory Solution Packages?  Please contact the Sales Team at Dyesol Headquarters to discuss your project goals and objectives: +61 2 6299 1592 and purchase@dyesol.com.  We welcome initial discussions and can assist you in gauging project scope, time frame, and capability launch scheduling.

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