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About Dyesol

Dyesol Limited (ASX: DYE) (FWB: D5I) is a renewable energy supplier and leader in Perovskite Dye Solar Cell (PSC) technology - 3rd Generation photovoltaic technology that can be applied to glass metal, polymers or cement to generate electricity at the point-of-use.

Dyesol is focussed on the successful commercialisation of PSC and works with leading multinational companies seeking to embed PSC clean energy generating technology into their products, and who possess significant market share and established routes-to-market.

Dyesol is recognised as highly innovative through its low cost, low embedded energy manufacturing process.

Dyesol Technology

Perovskite Dye Solar Cell (PSC) technology is a photovoltaic technology based on applying low cost materials in a series of ultrathin layers encapsulated by protective sealants. Dyesol's technology has lower embodied energy in manufacture, produces stable electrical current, and has a strong competitive advantage in low light conditions relative to 1st and 2nd Generation PV technologies. This technology can be directly integrated into the building envelope to achieve highly competitive building integrated photovoltaics (BIPV).

The key materials layers include a hybrid organic-inorganic halide-based perovskite absorber, a nano-porous metal oxide of titanium oxide, and an organic semiconductor.

Dyesol's technology produces energy under all solar conditions including shade, dapped light, low light and indirect light, giving PSC a significant advantage over other photovoltaic technologies in market where light conditions are sub-optimal.

How does it work?

Light striking the absorber promotes an electron into the excited state, followed by a rapid electron transfer and collection by the titania layer. Meanwhile the remaining positive charge is transferred to the organic semiconductor - generating an electrical current.

Global supplier of DSC and PSC materials

Dyesol manufactures and supplies high performance Dye Solar Cell (DSC) and PSC materials to multinational companies and researchers in more than 60 countries. Dyesol's materials undergo the most rigorous quality testing in the market to provide the best performance and highest consistency.

Dyesol is a leading Australian clean-tech company

Dyesol is a public company which listed on the Australian Securities Exchange (DYE) in 2005 and the German Open Market (D5I) in 2007.

Dyesol respects Copyright

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Dyesol respects copyright