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DSC Equipment

DSC equipment

Dyesol’s range of Dye Solar Cell (DSC) Equipment is used by researchers and manufacturers in a series of processing stations, each easily programmable to enable easy adaptation to a wide range of DSC designs and variations.

Our DSC Equipment has been deliberately developed for use by individuals with a range of skills and does not rely on highly skilled operators.  Dyesol provides complimentary training solutions on our equipment packages, simple and straightforward process instructions, and high quality testing procedures and equipment manuals.

Dyesol’s Equipment is not generally available for individual sales, but is normally sold and delivered to customers as a part of a larger and more holistic DSC Laboratory Solution Package which is customised to the clients unique project goals, specific requirements, and existing capability.

Dyesol’s propriety manufacturing processes have been developed to create simple steps requiring lower capital investment and quicker, easier flexibility to scale-up.  Please contact our Sales Team to learn more about purchasing our specialist DSC assembly & testing equipment.

Assembly Equipment

    Automated Hole Drilling Machine
    Laser Scribing Machine
    Screen Printers
    Belt Furnaces
    Programmable Hotplate
    Dye Applicator
    Test Cell Dye Tanks
    Test Cell Assembly Machine
    Primary Seal & Interconnect Dispenser
    Syringe Carousel
    Electrolyte Filling Machine
    Fill Hole Sealer
    Ultrasonic Soldering System

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Testing Equipment

    Universal Photovoltaic Testing System
    Solar Simulator
    Light Soaking Chamber
    UV/VIS/NIR Spectrometer
    IPCE Measurement Apparatus
    Electrochemical Impedance Instrument

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Discuss Your Goals

Would you like further information about Dyesol’s DSC Equipment?  Please contact the Sales Team at Dyesol Headquarters to discuss your specific goals and objectives: +61 2 6299 1592 and purchase@dyesol.com.  

We welcome initial exploratory discussions.  Contact Dyesol today!

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