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As an Australian clean-tech company developing clean energy solutions for global energy needs, Dyesol has continuously demonstrated our strong commitment to promoting sustainability not only through our innovative renewable energy technology but also through environmental sustainability initiatives in our business operations, social responsibility to the wider community, and corporate responsibility to our shareholder base.

Two key aspects of Dyesol's business operations and philosophy make it an environmentally sustainable business and investment option:

  1. Dyesol's Dye Solar Cell technology is a sustaibale, renewable, clean energy technology; and
  2. Dyesol's everyday business operations are conducted in an environmentally conscious way.

Dyesol is proud to have been recognised for our environmental sustainability efforts and innovations for both our product and our operational conduct many times in recent years.

In 2009, we received the Sustainable Small Company of the Year Award from Ethical Investor, as well as the ACT Chief Minister’s Export Award (Small to Medium Manufacturers).  We have been included in the Australian Clean Tech Index and in the All Ordinaries Index by Standard and Poor’s.  We were also fortunate to win the 2010 Bloomberg New Energy Pioneer Award at the Bloomberg New Energy Finance Summit where we were recognised as a ‘game changer´ within the field of New Energy Technologies.  And, having been named one of the world’s best companies in the field of renewable energies by Oekom in 2008, we were able to achieve an even higher rating in 2010.  In 2012 we were honoured with the 2012 Clean Energy Council Innovation Award and a number of accolades at the 2012 Manufacturers Monthly Endeavour Awards. Continuing our success Dyesol was also named Australia's coolest company in 2013.

As we advance our commercial objectives, we aim to contribute to a more sustainable world and local community.  Thank you for taking the time to learn about what "Sustainability" means for Dyesol.