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Solid-State DSC

At Dyesol we believe in innovation and leadership is the key to success for our customers. That is why we work hard to offer the very best quality materials on the market.  Since mid-2012, the pace of progress with ssDSC has been astounding and has allowed the solid state DSC variations to surpass performance of traditional solvent and redox-couple based DSC.  That is why we decided to support our customers efforts in this technology. Below you can find a quick guide to ssDSC, its various architectures and how Dyesol is able to help you to achieve your goals.

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Solid-state dye solar cells

Solid-state dye solar cells (ssDSC) share many familiar materials and processes with their more established liquid-state cousins.  However, with the more recent developments, boundaries between DSC and more traditional p-n heterojunctions have become blurred.  Background information on the similarities and differences between liquid-state and solid-state DSC can be found in the Dyesol eNewsletter article “Liquid or Solid?”.

There are presently four main solid-state DSC families under investigation:

These are in addition to a p-n heterojunction variant of 3.  The figures depicted for each of these families compare the ssDSC variants to the familiar liquid-state DSC configuration, where many common features such as the materials employed can be recognised.

This guide focusses on the key materials and associated processes researchers can use in their endeavours to developed and advance ssDSC technology.  References are drawn to Dyesol materials and equipment that are available to support research and development into ssDSC materials and devices.  Dyesol's specialist team is available to assist you by providing customised solutions, tailored to meet your requirements.

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