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Sun Simulator - 156 x 156mm

Sun Simulator  - 156 x 156mm


  • Best used in combination with Dyesol’s UPTS I-V analysis equipment
  • Dyesol DSC Laboratory Solution


Use Solar Simulators to test your Dye Solar Cells across the solar spectrum from 400-1100 nm (basic configuration) for performance, durability and stability..

Description & Benefits

The sun simulators provided by DYESOL are all Class AAA and are available in a variety of models and aperture size (52 x 52mm, 100x100mm, 156 x 156mm, 208 x 208mm, and 300 x 300mm). With the use of advanced uniform beam optics, which includes special coated mirrors, filters, and a beam uniformity integrator, DYESOL solar simulator delivers highly accurate, collimated beams with the longest working distances. All of DYESOL’s Solar Simulators are certified to ASTM E927-05, IEC 60904-9 2007, and JIS C 8912 standards for Class AAA performance (Spectral Match 400 – 1100nm wavelength in 100nm bandwidth increments, Non-Uniformity, and Temporal Instability). Available options include upgrades in the spectral match using special filters for performance testing Dye Sensitized (DSSC), Organic (OPV), Concentrated Photovoltaic (CPV) and Multi-junction GaAs based solar cells. DYESOL’s simulator filters are designed to Air Mass 1.5 Global (AM 1.5G) specifications but other air mass filters are also available. Without compromising Class A spectral match, the beam intensity can be adjusted from 0.8 – 1.1 Suns by using the one-touch button. DYESOL’s Solar Simulators come in standard configurations with the adjustable power mode, but can be upgraded to include both constant power or constant intensity operations. A variable power supply allows the beam intensity range to be from 0 suns to 1.1 suns. In the constant intensity mode, lamp power automatically adjusts to maintain a constant 1 Sun Intensity as lamp power starts to degrade over time.

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