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Hyperion Solar Simulators

Hyperion Solar Simulators


Description & Benefits

The Hyperion Solar Simulator is a unique piece of equipment in the solar light emulation environment. It is the perfect joint between the best qualities of a standard high performing solar simulator and a long life light soaker with the addition of peculiar characteristics that only LED technology can give. It allows the user to test the device under the most stringent standards and at the same time to light soak the samples in a way that was possible before only by using different machines or very expensive filters (ie. Illuminate the DUT with just UV & IR frequencies or with customised spectrum). All this joint with a very reduced running cost make the Hyperion Solar Simulator the perfect choice as a light source to test your devices.

For a limited time only the extended version with USB controller at the same price of the standard one.

To buy or inquire please contact: purchase@dyesol.com

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Standard Illumination Areas 10 cm X 10 cm ; 20 cm X 20 cm ; 30 cm X 30 cm
Custom illumination areas Modular: multiple of 10 cm X 10 cm
Emission bandwidth available
380 nm - 720 nm 380 nm - 880 nm 380 nm - 1100 nm
Uniformity Classification A IEC 60904-9 2007
Temporal Stability A IEC 60904-9 2007
Spectral Match A IEC 60904-9 2007
Head Orientation Range Customizable
Flycase Close box or open frame
Working Plane Distance Depending on model
Electrical Cass CLASS 2
Power supplies SELV 2


  • Dyesol developed an innovative AAA modular solar simulator utilizing LED matrixes as light sources. The system has an innovative Controller (included in Premium model) and the revolutionary LED Matrix Source Head;
  • The system provides a fixed (basic version) or variable output (premium version) that enables the user to choose an incident power that goes from 0 sun up to 1.0 sun (depending on the chosen emitting bandwidth) over all the illumination area;
  • The Hyperion Solar Simulator is a AAA class rated to IEC 60904-9, JIS-C8912, and ASTM-E927-10 for Spectral Match, Non-Uniformity of Irradiance, and Temporal Stability. The LEDs geometry on the LED matrix has been undergoing rigorous testing for all the standards to ensure full compliance


LED Solar Simulator Basic configuration Premium configuration
Incident power at working plane fixed Variable from 0 to max value (depending on model)

Self-customization of light source

Emission spectrum

no Yes
Program Illumination cycles no Yes
Cut specific bandwidth no Yes
USB port no Yes


The Hyperion Solar Simulator, in its premium configuration, drives independently multiple LEDs at 20 individual wavelengths spaced over the spectrum from 380 nm up to 1,100 nm (depending on the chosen emitting bandwidth) to ensure a spectral match meeting Class A certification. The independent control of each LED allows the user to tune the output and create its own emission spectra. This adjustment can be done easily via software, directly from a common laptop through a T port and then be saved as a pre-set value in the controller section. The software is a very useful and essential tool that allows the customer also to program illumination cycles, like standard night and day, or even customised cycles to simulate, for example, cloudy days, shadows and so on.


The typical lifetime of LEDs is over 20,000 hours, reducing the total cost of ownership of the simulator to a fraction of the xenon ones. The LEDs come up to a stable operating power within about 100 msec. This allows the unit to be shut off between tests without having to wait for the lamp to stabilize, in order to guarantee the integrity of the test results and shortening the LEDs lifetime. Hence the effective lamp usage time is several times more efficient than a conventional lamp and eliminates the need for shutters on the output.


You cannot find a better bargain: tomorrow's equipment for a fraction of the cost of yesterday's standard solar simulator!

To buy or inquire please contact: purchase@dyesol.com