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Light Soaking Chamber MHID

Light Soaking Chamber MHID


Use Dyesol’s Light Soaking Chamber to illuminate DSCs with emulated sunlight, accelerate cell aging, and conduct long term performance and stability testing of dye solar cells or tiles

Description & Benefits

Dyesol’s Light Soaking Chamber will enable you to soak your DSCs with emulated sunlight and control light soaking experiments through a number of specific control features.

The Light Soaking Chamber was developed by Dyesol’s engineering team to facilitate long term performance and stability testing of DSC cells or tiles. The chamber is fitted with a high power metal halide lamp which provides 100,000Lux of uniform illumination over a 300mm x 300mm area. This illumination level is comparable to 1 sunlight conditions but is of a non-conforming spectral output for solar simulation.

A reference cell of known output is used to calibrate the light intensity that cells or tiles receive. User controls at the front of the machine allow for manipulation of lamp height and adjustment of the irradiation intensity. The irradiation level can be set and adjusted to compensate for the steadily depreciating light output of the lamp over its 9,000 hour lifetime (average).

The Light Soaking Chamber has a system of integrated cooling fans and vents in order to maintain thermal stability of devices being tested. For optimal thermal stability the Light Soaking Chamber should be placed in an air conditioned room. A platen is provided for devices to be placed on for long term testing. The platen is level and the uniform area of illumination is marked. The plate is also easily manipulated and may be withdrawn from the machine to facilitate testing, replacement and inspection of devices.

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HID Lamp Light Source
1000W metal halide HID (High Intensity Discharge) bulb, with one additional spare bulb included. Metal halide bulbs produce a vast amount of light in comparison to their size making them the optimal choice for compact operations


Lamp performance
 Illumination Area:   300mm x 300mm, 100,000 Lux ±10%

Power:                      1000W

Life Time:              9,000 hours


Self-cooling system

4 x 20W axial flow fans

Physical Dimensions Light Chamber:       Length 500mm x Width 500mm x Height 1200mm

Power Supply:         Length 460mm x Width 240mm x Height 250mm

Weight:  light Chamber:180kg, Power supply: 25kg
Machine Requirements

Electrical:                  240VAC 50Hz

Environment:        Air conditioned