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Universal Photovoltaic Testing System - UPTS 1Amp(without Light Source)

Universal Photovoltaic Testing System - UPTS 1Amp(without Light Source)


  • Dyesol pre-printed TEC8 & TEC15 Glass Plates
  • Dyesol DSC Laboratory Solution


Use Dyesol’s Universal Photovoltaic Testing System to measure the current and voltage outputs of your dye solar cell.

Description & Benefits

Dyesol’s Universal Photovoltaic Testing System (UPTS) is a complete package system encompassing: 1) Light Source and Chamber, 2) Proprietary Testing Software, 3) Keithley 2420 SourceMeter, and 4) Laptop Computer. This system can be purchased without the light Source and is easily compatible with other light sources via the provided connection cables.

The UPTS has been developed specifically for use with Keithley 2400 series SourceMeter’s for the testing of photovoltaic devices, cells or tiles. The proprietary software allows for the obtained results to be directly output into Microsoft Excel® software. The software allows the user to make single IV (current, voltage) scans for evaluation. The UPTS’s software allows the user to determine the delay in the Source Measure Cycle which enables the measurement of standard silicon photovoltaic devices as well as third generation photovoltaic devices such as dye sensitised solar cells.

The software incorporates a 9 point polynomial regression calculation on the raw data to ensure a more accurate reading of the Voc (open circuit voltage) point. Graphical representation of the power curve as well as the characteristic IV data is displayed on the front panel.

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Features Description Benefit / Additional Information
Physical Dimensions Light Chamber: Length 370mm, Width 540mm, Height 610mm
SourceMeter: Length 460mm, Width 240mm Height 250mm
Laptop: Approximately; Length 375mm, Width 256mm, Height 28mm (Open 284mm)
Weight Light Chamber: 25kg
SourceMeter: ~4kg
Laptop: ~2.5kg
Machine requirements Light Chamber: 240VAC, 50Hz, 10A
SourceMeter: 100 to 240VAC, 50/60Hz, 10A
Laptop: 100 to 240VAC, 50/60Hz, 2.5A
Light Chamber Illumination Area: 70mm x 50mm, 100,000 Lux ±10%
Lamp: 150W
Lamp Life Time: 9,000 hrs
Lamp Cooling: Ambient temperature
UPTS Software IV Characterisation of one device at a timebr> Automatic calculation: %Fill Factor,% Efficiency, Maximum Power ,Current and Voltage at maximum power pointbr> Text IV data file for easy import into Microsoft Excel® for analysis. Text summary file for easy comparison of multiple test devices. User defined folder on Hard Disk for IV data and summary file storage. Instantaneous IV curves displayed on screen for immediate analysis


Part Number Description Components
Light Chamber SourceMeter Laptop & Software Cabling
E002-1084 UPTS 1A with light source x 2400 x x
E002-1680 UPTS 1A without light source   2400 x x
E002-1679 UPTS 3A with light source x 2420 x x
E002-1681 UPTS 3A without light source   2420 x x