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IPCE open system

IPCE open system


  • Dyesol pre-printed TEC8 & TEC15 Glass Plates
  • Dyesol IPCE open system


Use Dyesol’s Incident Photon-to-Current Efficiency (IPCE) Measurement Apparatus to ascertain device spectral response to incident light of different wavelengths.

Description & Benefits

Dyesol’s IPCE Measurement Apparatus is an indispensable tool for DSC research and performance measurement and is highly complementary to IV characterisation. It shows the spectral response of the device to incident light with different wavelengths, ranging from UV to the Infrared region and provides insights into the operation of the device. The equipment assists with the design of new and efficient dyes in DSC research, rendering an understanding of the correlation between the chemical modification of the sensitiser and the resulted change in the absorption spectrum to enable a better match to the solar spectrum. It is also of particular interest to researchers investigating new photoanodes and electrolytes, since any interaction between the photoanode, the sensitiser and the electrolyte would manifest itself as a spectral shift of a change in the IPCE spectrum but might not be reflected in the photovoltaic parameters. This system is based on design and technical solutions that are optimized for the organic and hybrid photovoltaic technologies. The deep use of integrated electronics reduces the size and the complexity of the system, resulting in a smart and easy-to-use instrument. The Dyesol experience in setting up and optimization of measurement systems allows for a wide tuning of performances and parameters and a full customization of the apparatus, meeting all your requirements.

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Light source
•              100 W Xenon arc lamp for probe

•              integrated white bias option for 0.1 sun – 1 sun power density (adjustable)

•              Probe light beam size: 10 mm

•              Monochromatic light modulation: 0.5 Hz - 100 Hz



•               Monochromatic light wavelength range: 350 nm – 850 nm (standard), 300 nm - 2000 nm (extended)

•              Motorized control monochromator with up to three gratings

•              Selectable wavelength updating step (5 nm as default step)

•              Motorized filter wheel with order-sorting filters

•              Calibrated reference Si photodiode

•              Spectral bandwidth of the monochromatic light: 1 nm (standard), 5 nm , 10 nm

•              Wavelength accuracy:1.         ± 0.3nm@1200 l/mm, blaze 300nm (1st grating)

                                                      2.         ± 0.6nm@600 l/mm, blaze 500nm (2nd grating)

                                                      3.          ± 0.8nm@300 l/mm, blaze 1250nm (3rd grating)


Software control routine based on National Instruments Lab View, allowing integration with common software routines

Dimensions(D X W X H) 400 mm x 600 mm x 300 mm
Temperature control