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IPCE close system

IPCE close system


  • Dyesol pre-printed TEC8 & TEC15 Glass Plates
  • Dyesol IPCE open system


Use Dyesol’s Incident Photon-to-Current Efficiency (IPCE) Measurement Apparatus to ascertain device spectral response to incident light of different wavelengths..

Description & Benefits

Dyesol’s IPCE Measurement Apparatus is an indispensable tool for DSC research and performance measurement and is highly complementary to IV characterisation. It shows the spectral response of the device to incident light with different wavelengths, ranging from UV to the Infrared region and provides insights into the operation of the device. The equipment assists with the design of new and efficient dyes in DSC research, rendering an understanding of the correlation between the chemical modification of the sensitizer and the resulted change in the absorption spectrum to enable a better match to the solar spectrum. It is also of particular interest to researchers investigating new photoanodes and electrolytes, since any interaction between the photoanode, the sensitizer and the electrolyte would manifest itself as a spectral shift of a change in the IPCE spectrum but might not be reflected in the photovoltaic parameters.

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Light source
  • 150W Xe arc lamp lifetime greater than 1,0000 hours
  • Motorised sport size adjustment
  • Optical stability < 0.8 %
  • Bias light source provides 1 solar constant radiation intensity (1,370 W/m2)


  • Czeney-Tuner design
  • Motorised triple grating turret
  • Wavelength range 300 – 2,000 nm with 3 gratings
Reference Detector
  • Large area calibrated detector Silicon Photodiode
Data Acquisition
  • DSP lock amplifie
  • DC pre-amp, dual channel inputs (100 nA) sensitivity, 16 bit data acquisition unit
Software Automatic operation, calibration and test report generation using Microsoft Windows® operating system
Dimensions(D X W X H) 0.6 m X 0.83 m X 0.31 m

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