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Electrochemical Impedance Instrument cyclic Voltammetry

Electrochemical Impedance Instrument cyclic Voltammetry


Use the Electrochemical Impedance Instrumentation to measure the impedance characteristics of your dye solar cells or modules

Description & Benefits

The Electrochemical Impedance Instrumentation is a state-of-the-art tool that will help you with quality control and enable you to characterise resistive, recombination, electron transport and diffusional power losses, ageing mechanisms for cells or modules, counter electrode performance, corrosion processes and even seal quality.

Also known as AC Impedance Spectroscopy, the technique involves the application of AC voltage signals over a wide frequency spectrum at present DC bias voltage while analysing the current amplitude and phase shift. Alternatively, the instrument can be used in galvanostatic mode, i.e. modulating the current while monitoring the voltage. In addition, the equipment can be used for a range of electrochemical techniques, such as potentiometry, cyclic voltammetry, etc. for determining redox potentials, elucidating electrochemical reaction mechanisms, determining concentrations, kinetic rate and diffusion constants, etc.

Purchase of the Electrochemical Impedance Instrumentation includes tooling, techniques and technical assistance to set up a robust Electrochemical Impedance and general electrochemistry operating system. The output is ± 1A at ±12V with ±20V compliance voltage. The system is an excellent compromise between current capability up to 1A for measuring devices under illumination and very low current sensitivity, e.g. for measuring impedance of high quality coatings, such as for corrosion protection.

The instrument has 9 current ranges and post gain offset capability which allow for a maximum resolution of 3.3fA. 16-bit D/A and A/D converters provide accurate results down to 1μV resolution.

On-board electronics allow EIS scans from 10μHz to 1MHz without the need for an external FRA or lock-in amplifier. Extensive voltage and current channel filtering provides low noise levels of <20μVrms

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FeaturesDescription Benefit / Additional Information
Potentiostat / Galvanostat / ZRA     

Portable EIS system consisting of a notebook in conjunction with:

•               All hardware and software as outlined 

High performance Notebook matched to requirements:

•           450MHz processor or faster

•           Two 25cm (10”) PCI slots for each Potentiostat

•           512MB RAM

•               80MB free hard disk space
Software  PHE200 Physical Electrochemistry Software
EIS Test Jigging & Light Exclusion fixture  EIS for DSC – analysis tools (an educational tool for technologies)