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Test Cell Dye Tanks

Test Cell Dye Tanks


  • All Dyesol Dyes
  • Dyesol pre-printed TEC8 & TEC15 Glass Plates
  • Dyesol DSC Laboratory Solution


Use the Test Cell Dyeing Tanks to dye up to 8 test cell working electrodes per tank.

Description & Benefits

The Test Cell Dyeing Tanks allow for a minimum of dye solution to provide effective dye coverage for test cell sized electrodes. The glass construction of the tanks is inherently chemically inert and can accommodate a wide variety of dye solvents.

The Dyeing Tanks must be placed within a dark, dry environment (5% RH or less) for optimal dying performance. Dye solution cannot be stored for extended periods within these tanks. The Test Cell Dye Tanks offer a low-cost, simple and effective solution for dyeing test cell electrodes.

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FeaturesDescription Benefit / Additional Information
Robust Material Chemically inert glass construction  Ensures no contamination of dye solution from the tank
Physical Diemnsions  Overall:      Length 350mm x Width 300mm x Height 180mm
Weight:  ~0.5kg
 Highly compact design, minimises space used in your laboratory
Capacity  Maximum dye solution capacity ~157.5ml  Minimises use of dye material for smaller scale test cell electrode work but allows for adequate volume of dye coverage over DSC electrodes.
Test Cell Electrode Size  Accommodates test cell working electrodes sized: 23mm – 25mm wide x 20mm – 50 mm long x 2.2mm – 3.2mm thick  Accommodates Dyesol standard working electrodes for test cells