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Two Part Thermal Cure Epoxy Compound - Clear

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Use Dyesol’s Two Part Thermal Cure Epoxy Sealing Compound to create a secondary hermetic seal and provide improved mechanical properties in sealing systems for both DSC test cells and tiles.

Product Details

Dyesol’s Two Part Thermal Cure Sealing Compound provides a semi-rigid seal for hermetic enclosure of Dye Solar Cells. It cures at elevated temperature and is clear when cured. This product has very high chemical resistance and clear when cured therefore can also be used for current collector (fingers) protection.

This sealing material provides a secondary seal for primary-sealed test cells and tiles, improving the quality of the hermetic enclosure and contributing desirable mechanical characteristics to sealing systems. Recommended for long term testing programs and any testing at elevated temperatures.

Classified as a ‘Dangerous Good (Corrosive/Dangerous for the environment)’, this product incurs a ‘Dangerous Goods’ fee in addition to normal postage and handling to all destinations.

Consider also purchasing: Dyesol’s Thermoplastic Sealants or Neutral Assembly Polymer.

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MS11111-50 50 grams
MS11111-100 100 grams
MS11111-250 250 grams

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This product is classified as Dangerous Goods as per shipping regulation and IATA. Please contact us to finalise your order as extra cost may apply. Thank you

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Curing Temperature: 120°C
Mixing Ratio: By Weight 100:40, By volume 2:1
Viscosity (mixed): 4,500 - 5,500 mPa.s measured at shear rate of 10 sec -¹ (25°C)
Pot Life (140g mix): 40-45 minutes