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FK 102 Co(III) PF6 Salt

FK 102 Co(III) PF6 Salt

Use Dyesol’s cobalt complexes to increase photovoltages of your liquid electrolyte cells substantially or to achieve ultrahigh performance with solid state photovoltaic devices.

Product Details

Dyesol’s FK102 cobalt complexes offer guaranteed performance, high reproducibility, consistent results, and are of highest purity. In comparison to triiodide-based redox electrolytes, cobalt complexes in general increase photovoltages and, particularly at lower light levels (e.g. for indoor applications), significantly increase device power output.
Dyesol offers the choice of PF6 and TFSI as counter ion of both Co(II) and Co(III) to allow researchers to investigate the effect of couter ions and to tailor their systems to various specifications.

Recommended application
In liquid-based electrolytes: typically 0.15-0.2 M of Co(II) and ca. 0.05 M Co(II)

In solid-state photovoltaic cells: up to 10 weight % added to the hole transport material system.
Reference: J. Burschka, N. Pellet, S.-J. Moon, R. Humphry-Baker, P. Gao, M. K. Nazeeruddin, and M. Grätzel, “Sequential deposition as a route to high-performance perovskite-sensitized solar cells,” Nature, vol. 499, pp. 316, 2013)

Note:The sale of these products does not confer rights to commercialise applications which may be separately patented

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Formula Co[PyPz]₃[PF6]₃
CAS# 1346416-70-3
Molecular Weight 929.31
Chemical Formula C₂₄H₂₁CoN₉P3F₁₈
Aspect Orange powder