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Share Purchase Plan - Assistance guide

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Greatcell Solar Limited - Share Purchase Plan 2017 Assistance Guide

As announced to the ASX on 28 July 2017, Greatcell Solar Limited (GSL) is offering eligible shareholders the opportunity to acquire additional shares in the Company under a Share Purchase Plan (SPP).

Shares issued under the SPP will be issued at A$0.18 per SPP Share.

The SPP Offer Document can be viewed HERE and you should read it before deciding whether to participate in the SPP.


Original documents were dispatched to shareholders on 1 August 2017. These documents include your personalised SPP Application Form, which has your individual BPay Reference Number on it.

If your holding is through an online broker such as CommSec or NABTrade, the Offer documents were sent to the address shown for that holding. You are able to action your subscription without referring to the online broker.

If you have registered for e-communications, you will have received the documents via an email broadcast from Computershare on 1 August 2017.

If you receive hard copies of Company communications, your documents were posted on 1 August 2017, and you should receive them in the normal course for standard mail. If you do not receive your documents in a reasonable time, please contact the Company at one of the contact points below. You may also access a copy of your personalised SPP Application Form via www.investorcentre.com, choose the ‘Access a Single Holding’ button, enter your HIN or SRN, as well as your postcode and follow the prompts.  Your form will be under ‘Statements and Documents’ and titled “SPP Applications’ dated 1 August 2017.


In terms of foreign jurisdiction requirements for the SPP Offer, the Company has applied eligibility at the Registered Holder Level. This means that if the Custodian/Nominee’s address on the Company’s register is in Australia, we will accept all applications from the Underlying Beneficial Holders (UBH), regardless of the address of the UBH (except for those in the USA). Many of our overseas shareholders are registered under a nominee company with an Australian address and are, therefore, eligible to participate.

In accordance with the Terms and Conditions of the SPP, each UBH has the ability to participate in the SPP for up to A$15,000. It is necessary to advise your broker/agent of your desire to participate and the amount you wish to subscribe for (in Australian dollars).

If you have any queries concerning the process, or have not heard from your broker/agent, please contact the Company at one of the contact points below.


If you have any queries regarding the SPP or need assistance in completing your SPP Application Form, please contact:

GSL Headquarters: Marine Andre, Investor Relations Manager, Tel: +61(0)2 6299 1592, mandre@greatcellsolar.com    

Germany & Europe: Eva Reuter, Dr Reuter Investor Relations Tel: +49 177 605 8804, e.reuter@dr-reuter.eu             

Computershare Investor Services on 1300 850 505 (within Australia) or +61 3 9415 4000 (outside Australia), Monday to Friday AEST 8:30am to 5:00pm.


 The SPP closes at 5.00pm (WST) on Friday 18 August 2017.

PS: The German translation of this email is expected to be available tomorrow morning in our blog section.

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