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Name Change Schedule

At a general meeting of Dyesol shareholders held at headquarters in Queanbeyan on Friday, June 9 a special resolution to change the name of the Company from Dyesol Limited to Greatcell Solar Limited was approved.

The name change is much more than just cosmetic, it is a new direction for the company in terms of both technology and business generation. The board considers the timing of this rebranding as highly appropriate. The new name signifies to us a new era of commercial opportunity and is more appropriate for our 3rd generation solar PV technology.

It is absolutely imperative that you understand that a change of name leaves all stakeholders’ rights and obligations unaffected. It is the same for the Company.

Importantly, the registration details of the company and its subsidiaries are unchanged and we will retain our Australian Company Number, for example. If you held 20,000 shares in Dyesol Limited this week, you will hold 20,000 shares in Greatcell Solar Limited next week and this will not trigger any legal, tax or financial implications. The number of shares on issue will be unchanged.

The website is also in the advanced stages of being significantly upgraded and renamed to www.greatcellsolar.com. The old website www.dyesol.com will remain in effect for a sensible transition period. The trademark Greatcell Solar has been reserved in all important jurisdictions and is available for implementation.

The indicative timetable is that the new name will be formalised by ASIC on June 21 and recognised by ASX on June 26.

Greatcell Solar Limited will trade under the new ASX ticker, GSL. However, the ticker for the German Bourse will remain the same: D5I.  


 Again, please contact us directly if you require any further information.

To read this letter in German please click on this link : http://www.media.dr-reuter.eu/Namensaenderung.pdf 




Marine André,

Investor Relations Manager

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