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May Q&A 2017

Our Managing Director, Richard Caldwell, answers your questions sent during the month of May 2017.


  • How does Dyesol plan to finance the mass production?

Perovskite Solar Cells (PSC) must demonstrate their technical and commercial viability in order to attract investment. The evidence that we have so far provides projections for cost and performance that are very encouraging. When this information is more complete through the prototyping and pilot line phases of development we will take this to government for financial assistance. In a number of countries where we operate and seek to commercialise, such as Australia, China and Turkey, the governments have strongly indicated an interest to finance new solar technology that is competitive and that will help them address legislated renewable targets. PSC has all the fundamental qualities of a disruptive, new technology. So, a mix of equity and low cost debt finance is expected to fund mass production capability.


  • What is the status quo in Turkey? Is there any development?

There is no status quo in Turkey as that term strongly implies predictability and stability. Turkey has experienced political turmoil and social unrest. It must be given time to settle and fully restore peace and order. We do, however, hold out strong hope for a positive outcome in Turkey, both politically and for the commercialization of our technology. The negotiations are continuing with government and we will announce progress once there is certainty about our prospects. Importantly, we are closely managing our risk at all steps along the way.


  • Regarding the Change of Company Name: What else will change? A whole new rebranding? New Website?

Dyesol is very excited about the rebranding. Of course, rebranding is only peripheral to our technical and commercial goals. Dyesol is currently going through an important transformation – from R&D to commercialization – and the timing coincides with this process. Rebranding signifies the commencement of a new era for Dyesol as Greatcell Solar and we seek to be positioned at the forefront of disruptive, 3rd generation solar technology.  




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