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March Q&A 2017

Our Managing Director, Richard Caldwell, answers your questions sent during the month of March 2017.


  •  Other companies like Panasonic have more money and better external requirements for a mass production. Will Dyesol be able to compete against companies like Panasonic?

Money or capital is the least important barrier to success in technology commercialization. If you have the technology in the form of intellectual property – people, know-how, trade secrets & patents – then you have significant value for commercial exploitation. When the PSC PV technology is fully de-risked through the prototyping phase then we believe it will be relatively easy to attract capital for investment in manufacturing facilities. It is our strong suspicion that Panasonic does not have sufficient IP to be a competitive threat to Dyesol. Did Tesla ever feel threatened by Ford or General Motors? I doubt it!   


  •  Mass Production (Glass) is planned for 2018. Will the output products (produced in 2018) be really ready for distribution? Some shareholders believe that the fully operational solar panels will not be available before 2020 – 2023.

 Dyesol has a formal Commercialisation Schedule that indicates that we intend to commence mass production in 2018. We have a lot accomplish in 20 months and relish the challenge.  


  • What happened with the Project EFACEC?

 Good question. The Efacec/Uporto project is still very active. It is currently focused on translating the proprietary, laser assisted, glass frit sealing technology into larger glass PV devices.




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