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Blue is an excellent and thought provoking documentary that premiered to the public at the Sydney Film Festival on Sunday, June 11. Just prior to this, it was screened at the UN to draw attention to the destruction of the seascape and its inhabitants as an issue of universal concern. The film is unlikely to be mainstream, but it will surely have limited release, so look out for it.

The subject of investigation is the man made impact on the seas and oceans during our lifetimes and it is sickening as it is alarming. The decimation of fish stocks, the extinction of species, the destruction of coral reefs and the incredible incidence of pollution mirror the same impact on land by man during industrialisation. The statistics will blow your mind.

For me, one of the most concerning aspects of the pollution of the waterways is the amount of plastic that finds its way into the ocean. Over the next 30 years, the forecast is that there will be more plastics in the oceans than fish. Unfortunately, this has far reaching consequences in the food chain with sea life and bird life deeply affected. The supposed biodegradable nature of most plastics is in fact a myth and it breaks down to a level which makes it invasive and life threatening at the beginning of the food chain. Where it fails to “degrade” it can end up in the guts of fish and birds, thereby bringing about an early death and threatening the respective stocks and species.

Frustratingly, most countries of the world appear to do little to address the problem. In my local Woolworths supermarket, for example, the use of plastic bags is almost 100% with no financial incentive to shop with re-usable bags. Many other countries have already adopted these types of simple measures, but the major supermarket chains (save Aldi) here are oblivious or only paying lip service and ignoring their moral obligation.

Leadership is what is required and, like renewable energy, there is a huge swell of support for tackling the problem. Despite the tired, twisted rhetoric of government, most people will endure additional cost or inconvenience if necessary in order to help make a difference.

(On a different, but very related, topic how a positive case – environmental or economic - for the “Black Elephant” Adani coal mine can ever be established is beyond comprehension!)

Blue is beautifully produced and directed and sends a powerful message. If it resonates with you, please consider becoming an Ocean Guardian https://bluethefilm.org/take-action


Richard Caldwell,

Managing Director 

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