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Aurora newsletter March 2017

Introductionfeatured in the edition

 Valued Shareholders,

 Since the beginning of 2017, Dyesol has entered a very promising era : new partnerships and new milestones achieved.

 To begin this new Aurora edition, the Board of Directors and Richard Caldwell are very pleased to see Dyesol’s Glass group’s (cover page) recent progress: new milestone achieved in terms of efficiency and is looking forward to their progress. 


 Quarterly Web-conference

 The Dyesol Quarterly web-conference was held on Thursday 6 February, 2017. If you could not attend in person to join the live webcast you can now listen to its audio recording available on  Dyesol’s website.


 Recent announcements

 Due to the many enquiries from our shareholders and followers:

  •  Gordon Thompson, Dyesol’s Director, will provide more insights into the significance of the CRC-P grant for the MAD project and what role each partner will play.
  •  Damion Miliken, Dyesol’s Chief Technology Officer, will help clear any confusion  in relation to the Microquanta new PSC efficiency record raised in our shareholders and followers  minds.
  •  Chris Moore, Technology Manager Dyesol UK, will  explain in more detail the meaning of the Solliance Perovskite Solar cell efficiency world record on roll to roll (R2R).
  •  Richard Caldwell, Dyesol’s Managing Director, will, in a first article, give an update about Mini MAD progress. In a second article, he will provide feedback regarding the GPVC conference in Korea, being one of the keynote speaker.


We wish you a Happy Easter—may the chocolate  be with you!


 Dyesol’s team really wants to thank you for all the feedback and support you have provided over these last months.

 It is crucial for us to enhance our shareholder communication and make sure that the information is clear and delivered in real time.


 To Download the full edition of the Aurora newsletter click HERE !!



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