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Partnerships & Manufacturing Collaborations

As a small and innovative technology company, Dyesol leverages relationships and partnerships as much as possible.  We collaborate with other businesses, research institutes, and research consortia to multiply and extend use of in-house human and material resources.  This collaborative and global approach has worked well for Dyesol, and continues to provide commercial opportunities for the company's major projects.

Partnering with End-Product Manufacturers

manufacturing lineDyesol’s ‘capital light’ business model centres around collaboration with significant industrial partners – companies seeking to integrate Dyesol’s clean-energy generating Dye Solar Cell (DSC) technology onto their existing products.

Dyesol is the Dye Solar Cell materials (dyes, pastes, electrolytes) supplier and DSC expert partner providing specialist DSC technology and know-how.  This ‘capital light’ structure positions Dyesol to derive income from our core knowledge and expertise without the significant investment required in establishing manufacturing plants and elaborate routes to market. 

Dyesol has existing collaborations with prestigious and large industrial players in their field.


Partnering for Smaller Scale DSC Material & Equipment Sales

Dyesol manufactures a range of DSC chemicals and components - including specialty dyes, pastes and electrolytes - from our Australian headquarters for export to the international DSC research community (in addition to our large multinational manufacturing partners as outlined above).  For the sale of smaller quantity materials and our proprietary DSC equipment sets, Dyesol works with a network of international sales agents to reach the scientific research community across the globe.