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Dyesol Team

Dyesol is a multinational, publicly-listed (ASX: DYE), innovative technology company and employs a team of highly skilled scientists, engineers, and expert consultants to lead the charge and drive Dye Solar Cell technology development and commercialisation activities. 

Worldwide, the Company employs approximately 60 staff and consultants spread out across the globe at locations including: Australia (headquarters), the UK, South Korea, Italy and Switzerland.  Achieving our goal to be the international leader in the commercialisation of DSC technology depends on the talents, enthusiasm and engagement of our employees. We aim to develop staff with opportunities for career progression, while striving to create a climate that celebrates diversity.  We have an inclusive employment strategy, which has led to a multicultural work team, composed of women and men born in over twenty countries.

The Company invests heavily in the core R&D work undertaken by the various specialist technical groups and supports their work at bringing next generation Dye Solar Cell technology to the mass market in collaboration with our manufacturing partners.  This high calibre technical team is supported with well-equipped R&D facilities, with training rooms which are regularly used for in-house training sessions, and through support for continuing education through fee assistance, sponsorship of further study, study leave, and supported attendance at international scientific conferences for educational purposes.

The executive team led by Managing Director, Richard Caldwell, is comprised of key management personnel who work closely together to develop and implement Company strategies on behalf of the Board.

Dyesol has a comprehensive Operational Health and Safety policy which supports a safe and healthy workplace for all staff, a Company Code of Conduct designed to support a positive, professional atmosphere at work and regulate the work environment.

Employment and internship queries may be sent through via our website Contact Us page >>

Meet the Executive Team

Richard Caldwell, BEc LLB S Fin
Managing Director Richard Caldwell

Mr. Richard Caldwell, as Managing Director, Dyesol Limited, takes the executive responsibility for finance, mergers and acquisitions, investor relations, capital raising and also assists with substantial contract negotiations. He also chairs the Executive Committee.

Richard has a strong background in advising many successful high-tech Australian companies and assisting with public listing – particularly in the technology, biotechnology, and telecommunications sectors.  He also brings considerable experience in the oil and gas, resources, and infrastructure sectors.

Before joining Dyesol, Richard had a twenty-five year career in securities trading and investment banking.  He was Head of Corporate Finance and Equity Capital Markets at StoneBridge, Head of Equity and Capital Markets at Burdett Buckeridge and Young, and held a number of senior management positions at Citibank in Sydney and JP Morgan in London.

Richard holds a Bachelor of Laws and a Bachelor of Economics from Sydney University. He also has a Post Graduate Diploma in Finance from Finsia. For a number of years he was responsible for teaching the Equity Capital Markets stream in the Masters of Finance at Macquarie University. Recently he was appointed as chairman of the Ascham School Foundation.

Prior to being appointed Managing Director, Richard held the dual position of CEO and Executive Chairman from 20 October 2009 to 5 May 2014.

Kian NiuKian Niu, MBA (UK), CA, ACIS, B Commerce
Chief Financial Officer

Kian L. Niu joined Dyesol as Chief Financial Officer in 2008. Prior to joining Dyesol, Kian was the Finance Director for a subsidiary of BSI Global, a provider of management systems assessment and certification solutions headquartered in the UK. Previously he worked with BearingPoint, Inc. (NYSE:BE) one of the world's largest consulting and systems integration firms serving Global 2000 companies.

Kian has an MBA (UK), is certified as a Chartered Accountant (Australia) and is fluent in English and Malay.

Damion MillikenDamion Milliken, BEng (Matls), PhD
Chief Technical Officer

Promoted to CTO in 2013, Damion joined Dyesol in 2007, initially working on materials and process development for industrialisation of DSC technology. From 2008 he provided technical leadership of pilot stage scale-up for large-area manufacture of DSC devices, before being promoted to R&D Manager in 2011. In his role as Dyesol’s R&D Manager, Damion oversaw a portfolio of in-house and collaborative R&D projects with key research partners around the globe.

His earlier industrial R&D work was for Kyocera in relation to mass production of multi-layer ceramic capacitors, and for the CSIRO on nano-materials. Damion holds a PhD in Materials Engineering, with his academic work focussed on electro-ceramics. He is the author of 11 scientific papers and a book chapter, and has patents pending in the field of DSC. He is a member of Engineers Australia, TMS and APESMA.

Hans DesilvestroHans Desilvestro, BSc, PhD
Chief Scientist

Dr Hans Desilvestro has more than 30 years of hands-on experience and thorough theoretical understanding of electrochemical energy storage and energy conversion systems.
He gained his PhD from the Swiss Institute of Technology based on his work on photoelectrochemistry and dye sensitisation under the direction of Prof. Michael Grätzel.
After many years of R&D and technical management within the battery technology industry, including nickel metal hydride, supercapacitors and high power Li-ion batteries, he returned to the world of dye solar cells in 2005 as Dyesol’s Chief Scientist. Hans is the author or co-author of more than 60 scientific-technical publications, 2 book chapters and 8 patents or patent applications.

Andrew KingAndrew King, PhD
President Dyesol Europe

Andrew was appointed President Dyesol Europe after consulting for Dyesol since 2005. Andrew was previously Commercial Director of Kickstone Technologies Ltd, a York based technology licensing company (formerly Peratech Ltd). Prior to 1995 Andrew was Asia-Pacific Business Development Manager at Zeneca PLC and his early career was spent in the nuclear and platinum industries.

Andrew holds a PhD from the Royal School of Mines of Imperial College, and is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Medicine and a member of the Institution of Chemical Engineers. He has authored 3 commercial patents.

Luca SorbelloLuca Sorbello, BSc, MA, PhD
Sales & Marketing Manager

Luca joined Dyesol in 2009 as technical manager for Dyesol Italia, first managing the research projects and sales in Italy and lately becoming the sales and marketing manager for the Dyesol group with a global market responsibility. 

Luca has a bachelor degree in computer science from Leeds University, a Master degree in Business engineering from Tor Vergata university and a Doctorate from Tor Vergata in the field of knowledge management. He started working in the computer science field for several Italian companies reaching the CIO status, meanwhile he was appointed in several positions at Tor Vergata university and Malta university teaching on subjects such as information systems, human resource management, economics for engineers in various masters and undergraduate courses. He has also held different research positions on several themes concerning e-learning technologies and energy. His interest for energy matters and themes grew higher becoming his main research and work interest, in particular in the field of building integration systems and renewable energy. He is author of several articles and books.

Chris Moore, BEng (Hons) Materials engineering
Technology Manager Dyesol UK Chris moore

Chris joined Dyesol in 2008 witth over 20 years of experience in the renewable energy, automotive and steel industries, he has management experience in technical, scale-up, manufacturing and Business Improvement activities.

He managed the liquid DSC pilot line project with TATA Steel and WAG in North Wales and currently leads Dyesol’s Metals activities in Manchester and its associated collaborations in Belgium and The Netherlands through the Solliance Programme. He is actively collaborating with other European academic and industrial partners and Dyesol UK has been part of various EU/locally funded projects including currently existing Horizon 2020 projects.

Before joining Dyesol, he has managed scaling up and manufacturing operations of fuel cell technology at Ceres Power as well as in the steel industry at Corus Colors/British Steel.

Yanek Hebting, PhD
Materials Research Manager Yanek Hebting
Yanek joined Dyesol as a Research Scientist in 2006. After having successfully scaled up to multi-kilogram level the production of panchromatic Ruthenium complexes, fulfilling Dyesol’s largest ever order of Ruthenium Dye for the Welsh based DSC manufacturer G24i, Yanek was promoted to Project Leader in the Materials Group.  Presently, Yanek is Head of Production and is leading Dyesol’s chemical materials commercial production. Yanek is simultaneously driving Dyesol’s efforts to scale up and expand the chemical manufacturing capabilities of novel 3rd generation PV materials by developing and applying cost effective optimised synthesis procedures.

Yanek holds a Masters Honours in Organic and Supramolecular Chemistry and a PhD in Organic Chemistry from the Université Louis Pasteur in Strasbourg, France. He conducted his post-doctoral work at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, where he was a Research Fellow funded by the American Chemical Society (ACS PRF recipient 2004). In 2005, he recipient of the MIT-France Seed Fund and in 2006, he received the Best Paper of the Year Award for his PhD work from the Geochemical Society.

Sung Lee, MBA Electronics/Engineering
Global Head of GlassSung Il Lee

Sung Lee joined DyesolTimo in Korea since 2008. He was appointed as Dyesol's Global Head of Glass in 2015. Prior to joining DyesolTimo, Sung Lee has gained expertise across sales engineering, planing and marketing in various departments and companies in the LG group - LG electronics, LG semiconductors, LG information and communication, and LG-Nortel - for 21 years. After joining Dyesoltimo, he successfully won the 1M$ government support funding on R&D project on DSC, and, together with other researchers, developed large scale DSC module and panel to have it installed in a commercial building for the very first in the world. Also, he has signed a contract with Turkey on January 2015 for supplying the Prototype equipment for DSC production, and the contract is to be fully delivered within year 2015.
Sung Lee is a member of ASTi(Association of Science and Technology Information) Korea, a reviewer on Korea technology award, and a member of government project suggestion, and is actively participating as a speaker in several global solar cell conferences.
Sung Lee has majored electronics as an undergraduate, and has obtained his MBA degree from Washington University, US.

Judith Pritchard, Business Administration
Global Human Resources and Work Health and Safety Manager 
judith pritchard

Judith has worked for Dyesol for over 7 years and, bolstered by her long career and experience in challenging human resources management issues, Judith is able to bring measured and reasoned advice and leadership to the relevant areas of responsibility. Prior to joining Dyesol in 2009, Judith worked for ACT Government and Federal Government for over 12 years.                                                         Judith possesses admirable negotiation skills, ability to provide relevant strategic advice and her mastery of the complex and sometimes bewildering world of HR rules, regulations and legislation make her a valuable resource for Dyesol. She developed the successful Dyesol health and well-being programme in 2010 and is dedicated to the continual improvement of workplace health and safety culture.

Marine André, Masters 2 in International Business Trade with Major in Financial Auditingmarine andre
Investor Relations Manager

Marine is originally from the island of Reunion in the Indian Ocean and is passionate about the environmental challenge of global warming. Subsequently, she lived and studied in Paris. After 1½  years in Sydney, Marine decided to join the Dyesol team in mid October 2016 in Queanbeyan as an Investor Relation Manager.                                                                                                               Marine has a diverse background (External Auditor at BDO, Payment Analyst in an Australian start-up company, project manager for Reunion tourism etc.), but she has decided to advance her career in a less numbers focussed way that also allows her to express her outgoing personality and concern for the environment.